From concept to creation

We are here to bring your project to life. Right now you may have an old property that looks like it has seen better days. This is an opportunity for us to work with you to create something special that has your stamp on it! You have the ideas, we have the tools and know how, together we can create something special. Whether it’s painting and decorating a bathroom, a kitchen refurbishment, or an extension, we offer a personalised high quality service. Our project manager will keep you informed of progress throughout the project and ensure that we deliver on time and within budget.

When we are working on a bathroom or kitchen refurbishment we always keep three things in mind: The vision of the client, the right materials and the future. Why? We want to make sure we understand what you are looking for, we want to pick the right materials that bring your vision to life, and we want to avoid any problems in the future. For this reason, we always use the highest quality materials and a detailed plan for execution.

When it comes to painting and decorating the important things are choosing the right combinations of colours, the right type of paint for the area and speed of execution. We use a low pressure paint sprayer that is fast and produces a high quality finish with minimal waste.

Don’t worry about details such as drawings, architects and planning permission, we can manage all of that. Our professionals will sit down with you to create a plan for your project and they will control every detail day by day, week by week. Leave the planning to us, we know what we are doing.

You already have a project and builder contracted? We can project manage your project as a separate service. We will create a detailed project management plan to ensure your project remains within scope and budget and is delivered on time.